Dance as if no one is watching at Sadie’s

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The music was bouncing as the crowd walked towards the entrance to the annual Sadies dance at the freshman academy.

“I went to Sadies with three of my friends and we had so much fun,” senior Noemi Moraal said. “My favorite part of the night was where the boys and the girls got separated for a group dance-off. The DJ played different kinds of music and the groups had to adjust as fast as they could to the new kind of music style with their dance moves.”

The special thing about Sadies is, that it’s the girls turn to ask out guys. So that means that the table is turned around and girls had to make some kind of proposal usually done through a creative poster.

“I love that girls get a chance to ask the guys for many reasons,” senior Riley Savala said. “Girls are able to step out of their comfort zone, be proactive, and feel empowered. It also allows girls to gain some perspective on what the guys have to go through. I also believe the guys have a lot of fun with it, it feels good to be asked.”

The Sadies committee started to prepare for Sadies at the beginning of October and worked hard in order to have everything ready for Feb. 3.

“We have taken trips to many stores to find decorations and furniture,” junior and part of the Sadies committee Allison Maliga said. “We have had a meeting about every two weeks to stay on track and had a to-do list consisting of people that needed to be contacted, supplies and items we needed, promotions to be sent out via social media or made for the school hallways.”

Snacks including brownies, chips, and cupcakes were provided during the evening and all students had the opportunity to take pictures in a photo booth.

“I would definitely recommend others going to Sadies next year,” Noemi said. “ It was a lot of fun, especially when you are with a group of friends. I truly enjoyed my last Sadie’s.”

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