Convent to be demolished


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The Broken Arrow Convent of Sorrows, located at 51st and Lynn Lane, will be demolished at a date that is yet to be set.

The Broken Arrow Convent of Sorrows is scheduled for demolition at a date that is yet to be set. The building, which is owned by St. John Health System, has been unused for years and despite the fact that there is a security guard, the building has been a major target for break-ins and vandalism.

“They should never demolish a sacred church, even if nobody uses it; they could even turn it into a museum or something like that,” senior Gabe Sams said.

The building has been a historical landmark for years and many people are upset that it is being torn down.

“The nunnery is a beautiful place,” history teacher Deborah Payne said. “I don’t understand why the Catholic Church is tearing it down.”

If they considered keeping the nunnery around, many people feel they could find different uses for it.

“I do think they could find another use for it,” English teacher Diana Phillips said. “My sisters, mom, and I have always dreamed of buying it and using it for a business venture.”

The convent was built over fifty years ago and has been used as a place for nuns to live, a place of meeting for Catholic Charities or Marriage Encounter, and as a temporary place for St. Benedict Church members to attend mass while their church was being built.

“My sisters remember the nuns fondly,” Phillips said. “I think they both misbehaved in mass on purpose so the nuns would come get them and give them sweets.”

Although many people are upset about the nunnery being demolished, St. John will find a great use for the land it was on.