Colorguard hosts auditions

Colorguard auditions are currently being held.

Image via BA Pride

Colorguard auditions are currently being held.

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Last year the Pride of Broken Arrow won Grand Nationals, becoming the 2015 Grand National Champions, and they’re back at it again with Colorguard auditions.

Colorguard training sessions began in March but are still taking place every Friday in the Band Hall or the gymnasium from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Formal auditions will take place on April 21 and 22.

Colorguard is not all about choreographing and spinning flags. It is also about making friends and having fun.

“To me, colorguard was worth every second we spent in the heat, cold and rain because of all the relationships you make,” senior Franci Hernandez said. “I’ve met some of the best people through Pride.”

It is also about having the best time while performing for the crowds of people.

“My favorite part would probably be performing in front of the thousands of people that come to see us perform. When we get on the field all eyes are on us and all seats are filled to see ‘the grandest band in all the land,'” sophomore Carly Phillips said. “What makes me come back is the feeling that I get while we are performing the show that we pour all our emotions into it’s completely indescribable.”

Juniors this year are looking forward to their senior year in pride.

“I’m looking forward to one last hoorah and to see what this season will bring with the trip to California,” said junior Ocea Palmer.

Training sessions are every Friday up until audition days.






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