COLABASH provides seniors leadership opportunity


COLABASH is a club at the high school sponsored by leadership teacher Mrs. McGee. COLABASH’s main responsibilities around the school are to be leaders at tiger camp for incoming sophomores, to plan and organize project graduation, and to be representatives of the positive atmosphere at the high school.

Senior COLABASH member Ryli Brassfield thinks that tiger camp is one of the most important things they do all year.

“When I was an incoming sophomore I remember being scared of going to the high school but after tiger camp I realized that it’s not so bad and a ton of my questions were answered by senior COLABASH members who already had years of experience at the high school,” Brassfield said. “It was so cool being one of the COLABASH members who worked tiger camp because you got to meet all the sophomores and help them start their journey through high school.”

Another senior member, Braden Boyer, thinks that their positive attitude about school activities as a whole is the most important responsibility for members.

“COLABASH’s job is to be a really friendly group of people to everyone,” Boyer said. “We try to bring the school together by being fun, having high energy and school spirit, and just sending it.”

Senior Cole Kruse talks about tiger camp and project graduation as well, along with even more activities that COLABASH helps make happen throughout the school.

“We lead school events such as tiger camp and new student launch,” Kruse said. “We organize and plan project graduation and other fun events such as the lip dub.”

COLABASH is a unique club that offers a variety of opportunities to meet new people and help others. Anyone can join in helping make others’ high school experience more fun and memorable.