Chromebooks bringing technology to the classroom

Senior Rachel Fulton does her class work on a Chromebook in her Algebra 3 class.

Lorance Washington

Senior Rachel Fulton does her class work on a Chromebook in her Algebra 3 class.

Schools worldwide have ditched their paper assignments for a new, advanced way to learn. BAHS has decided to follow this method of teaching and have issued Chromebooks to twelve different classes, calling it the Stay program.

The students at the Freshmen Academy piloted the program this year. The freshmen were picked to test the waters out on how students will interact with a change of curriculum.

“The Freshmen Academy is a logical place to start, I am just glad BAPS is implementing the Chromebooks alongside the curriculum,” senior English teacher Jennifer Johnson said.

Of the many teachers at BAHS, only 12 were selected as Stay teachers.

“I was really honored that out of all the great teachers that applied, I was one of the twelve chosen. I was excited to be apart of something that revolutionized the way we think about school. I also think it’s a great opportunity for my students to get to learn and use these resources before their peers,” junior English teacher Amanda McCown said.

Next year students at the high school will be given their own Chromebooks and keep them for the duration of high school, and then will be allowed to graduate with them.

“It’s wonderful that the students can keep their Chromebooks after graduation. They can save money that they might have had to be spent on a laptop for college, and some kids might not be able to afford one,” history teacher Chase Jackson said.

Chromebooks will bring forth the use of GAFE, which stands for Google Apps For Education. GAFE is a free educational site that Google offers, allowing users access to tools that will make learning more collaborative and efficient for students and staff.

“I am very new to GAFE, but I cannot believe it has been there this entire time and I didn’t know about it,” French teacher Tori Turner said.

Teachers have been vigorously training for the arrival of the Chromebooks. Some were sent to the Freshmen Academy to receive training and were told by students themselves some tips to keep up with them. All Stay teachers attended workshops this year in preparation. Teachers are also given the opportunity to have daily and weekly training by another staff member.

“Next year will be a learning year for us, but I have no doubt that our staff will be prepared and will do an outstanding job,” junior Principal Tony Sappington said.

This semester is the administration’s way of slowly bringing technology to BAHS. Next year, every teacher’s curriculum will be based off these Chromebooks.