Cheer team seeks state title

The Broken Arrow large coed cheer team is determined to claim back their title as state champions. Regionals will take place on Sept. 15 at Broken Arrow High School. Our school is finally hosting this competition, so the public is more than welcome to come support our cheer team.

“The fans will get to see a routine full of tumbling, jumps, pyramids, crowd involvement, and stunts, it is a fast-paced routine that you only get one chance to perform,” Amy Howe said.  

The team has been working on their routine all summer and are still perfecting it. They practice every day for about 4 hours. Additionally, they practice during Friday night games.

They continue to improve every day with the help of each other and their coaches. 

“My team is so motivational and everybody pushes each other to be the best we can,” Brenna Humphrey said. “We all believe in each other and we all lift each other up.”

Coach Howe is the head coach along with her assistant coach, Coach Palmer. The coaches have a huge role in pushing their team to succeed as well.

“We watch motivational videos when it gets close to competition time,” Howe said. “As coaches, we can only do so much to push them to improve.”

The cheer team has multiple goals this season. They have competitions locally and nationally all year they would like to place in.

“We would like to improve on our state runner-up finish at Performance State, repeat as State Champions at Gameday State, and place in the top 5 at UCA Nationals and make it on ESPN,” Coach Amy Howe said.

Three seniors including Brenna Humphrey, Maddie Farlow, and Ashton Cotton are the team captains this year. They are very excited for the year ahead and hope to win regionals and get a state title next weekend.

“I think our biggest competition this year will be Owasso High School,” Cotton said.

The BAHS cheer team performs next weekend at Broken Arrow High School in the Fieldhouse Gym. Their division starts at 2:45 and will be third to go.