Chase Nichols brings history back to life


Most high school students learn about the Civil War in a classroom, but junior Chase Nichols has had experience participating in the battles fought during the Civil War. Chase reenacts many different battles that occurred during the Civil War. He was introduced to the reenactments by his cousin.

“My cousin asked me to go with him one time, so I figured why not try it,” Nichols said. “So I did it and I got hooked.”  

Nichols’ involvement in the reenactments has created an interest in war history for his friends as well.

“Chase loves a lot of history, so when he does the reenactments, he can live his dream of being at a major event in history,” junior Joseph Goloburda said.

Chase has gained insight on how the battles were fought and what the soldiers experienced during those battles.

“The best part about reenacting is learning stuff you don’t really cover in school, so you get a broad perspective of what really happened,” Nichols said. “It’s breathtaking. Marching where thousands of soldiers died really gets to you.”

Although Joseph has not been in any reenactments, he is hoping to experience what it is like one day.

“I would love to try it one day,” Goloburda said. “It would be awesome to feel what it was like to be involved in one of those battles.”

Chase participates in reenactments of different battles all around the United States and has a few coming up in the next few months.

“In Nov. I will be in the reenactment of the ‘Battle of Middle Boggy’ in Durant, Oklahoma, and in Dec. I will be in Prairie Grove, Arkansas doing another reenactment,” Nichols said.

Historical reenactments recreate a real experience that occurred in history and gives people a live look at what the history was like. Mr. Nulf, a War History teacher here at Broken Arrow High School, has had experience with reenactments as well.

“It is entirely different to merely read history than to experience it live,” Nulf said. Actually walking the battlefields, and experiencing reenactments has enlightened and even reversed, in some cases, my previous conceptions of historical events and decisions.”

Getting involved in reenactments has improved Chase’s understanding of the history around the battles, and has also given him an inside perspective of what being a fighting soldier is like.