Broken Arrow cross country sprints into Stillwater

Cross country boys take off at the Oneta Ridge meet.

Lorance Washington

Cross country boys take off at the Oneta Ridge meet.

It’s mid-September, and everyone’s noses aren’t the only thing running this time of the year. The Broken Arrow cross country season is in full-stride, and the team is looking forward to their upcoming meet in Stillwater this week.

Junior runner Peyton Jones, as well as the entire team, ran well in Joplin last week and are off to a strong start this season.

“We have a lot of momentum coming off of our home meet which we did very well at,” Jones said prior to the Joplin meet. “Joplin is going to go just as well if not better.”

A couple weeks ago, BA finished second overall at their home meet with Collin Carpenter, leading the Tigers, finishing third individually. The team took advantage of running on their home turf and they know that they’ll need to work even harder for their race at Missouri Southern State on Saturday. This past Saturday, the Tigers ran well, finishing 24th overall in the meet. Shane Messinger and Mike Stanton, the team’s two coaches, have made it a priority to make sure the team works together.

“We stress how important it is to run as a team,” Stanton said. “The more kids we have running similar times, the better the score.”

The Tigers are intent on making sure every runner knows that teamwork and collaboration are essential to success. It’s tougher to form a unit in an individual sport such as cross country, but senior runner Kelsey Bottomley knows that without her teammates, she wouldn’t be where she is now.

“I love being around them, Bottomley said. “We push each other to go the extra mile.”

The runners will be returning to the course this Saturday at the OSU Jamboree. The race starts at 10 a.m.