Broken Arrow athletes have big plans for college


Madi Foster

Senior Damian Everette waits for the play on the field. Damian plays both football and basketball and is yet to commit to a plan for next year.

School has only been in session for a month, and although the seniors are already counting down the days until graduation, many athletes have their eye on bigger things. The athletic department has produced many collegiate athletes, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping this year. With National Signing Day set for Feb. 7, less than five months out, many seniors are already making verbal commitments.

Senior soccer players and friends Morgan Rollow and Gracie Hair are two early commitments to University of Central Arkansas. Senior softball player Mary Collins has also been committed to Oklahoma State University for some time.

“I have dreamed since I was a little girl to play soccer in college, and that dream is really coming true, and it’s just amazing,” Rollow said “I’m super excited to be playing at UCA as well as to get to play with Gracie Hair.”

This is no surprise, seeing as Rollow has had a love for the sport since she was four years old. Derrick Shaw, senior football player, has also had a love for his sport from a young age. Shaw has an impressive list of offers but has yet to make his decision.

“I have offers from Texas State, Montana, Abilene Christian, Navy, Pitt State, University of Central Oklahoma, Northeastern State University, South Dakota State, and Missouri State,” Shaw said “But if I had the choice to pick anywhere in the country to play college football, it would be at Oklahoma State University.”

Many athletes would prefer to stay local for the next four years instead of going to an out of state university. Offers from across the nation are being made to Broken Arrow athletes but a few are holding off for an opportunity to play closer to home.

“I received an offer from Queen’s University of Charlotte in North Carolina,” senior rugby player Glory Wooley said. “I would prefer to stay local, and I’m waiting to see if any other opportunities arise before making a decision.”

Not only is senior Damian Everette unsure where he would like to attend for the 2018-2019 school year, but he is unsure of what sport he would like to continue for four more years as well. Everette plays football and basketball, and seems to have the skill and drive to play either at the NCAA level.

“I don’t really have a preference for either one. I’m just playing hard in both of them to get a scholarship and further my education,” Everette said “I would love to go to Arizona State or North Carolina. Big dreams for me, but I think I can do it.”

A few of the future collegiate athletes are not limiting their capabilities to the NCAA level. Shaw plans to use college as a stepping stone to continue on to the NFL, as well as Everette who shares the same dream.

“I’m for sure playing in college,” Rollow said “And we will see where I go from there.”

These athletes have been led to their success through Broken Arrow’s state of the art facilities and coaches.