Brittney Schaefer makes her mark in Fine Arts


Haven Reynolds

Senior Brittney Schaefer smiles while showing off her piano talents.

At the age of four, senior Brittney Schaefer was introduced to ballet. As a child, Schaefer dreamed of being a dancer. At the age of twelve, she decided to not only take ballet, but to also get into jazz and Broadway dancing.

Schaefer’s passion for dance soon expanded into a desire for Fine Arts. The Fine Arts community ranges from music to graphic art and much more, but she took a particular liking in dance, show choir, and theatre.

“For the past ten years, I’ve been in dance,” Schaefer said. “I’m extremely passionate about dance because it’s been my way of escaping reality and it’s how I express my feelings.”

Schafer also participates in extracurricular activities at school, including show choir and theatre.  For the past three years, she has devoted her time to being a part of both Tiger Mystique and Tiger Rhythm show choir. Tiger Mystique, which consists of an all women’s ensemble, was undefeated during her first time being a part of the high school’s show choir. Schafer soon advanced to the mixed men’s and women’s ensemble, Tiger Rhythm which consists of 54 members, and has been a part of the team for the last two years of her high school career.

Having performed alongside each other for two years, Schaefer and junior Haven Reynolds compete around the nation against other show choirs. Reynolds looks up to Schaefer not only because of her commitment to the Fine Arts community but also because of her constant love and support as a teammate and friend. They have only known one another for three years, but Reynolds looks up to her as a role model.

“I met Brittney her freshman year but really got to know her the week of the 2017-18 show choir auditions,” Reynolds said. “Right from the start I knew she was a leader; she was very socially involved with all of the upperclassmen and was helping others and myself work on our dancing skills before the auditions.”

Other than being involved in Tiger Rhythm show choir, Schaefer also participates in theatre and music. During her spare time, Schaefer practices improving her piano, guitar, and ukulele skills.

Schaefer is also involved in the upcoming school musical; “Seussical the Musical.” Schaefer is starring in this year’s musical as Vlad Vladikoff from the infamous story by Dr. Seuss called “Horton Hears a Who.”

Schafer’s close friend, senior Sierra Wood has been alongside her these past few years to witness her commitment and love for the Fine Arts community.

“Ever since I met Brittney, I could tell she had a passion for theatre,” Wood said. “She’s always singing and dancing or practicing her part. She loves getting to perform especially with her friends on stage by her side. She has this love for the Fine Arts program like none other”

Since she was in eighth grade, Schaefer has participated in multiple school produced shows. From “Mary Poppins” to “Beauty and the Beast,” she spends more than half of the year perfecting her part.

Schaefer’s love and kindness ha recruited several underclassmen into joining the Broken Arrow High School Fine Arts program.

There are several opportunities to see Schaefer in action, especially in the opening night of ‘Seussical the Musical’ on April 11 and her last show choir performance on May 6, both events being held at the Broken Arrow PAC starting at 7 p.m.