Breakfast Club gives students the opportunity to be themselves

Left to right: Katherine Castillos (basketcase), Madison Boyle (brain), Lexi Bagrosky (criminal), Chase Gaddis (athlete), Catie Wilson (princess)

Ally Coldwell

Left to right: Katherine Castillos (basketcase), Madison Boyle (brain), Lexi Bagrosky (criminal), Chase Gaddis (athlete), Catie Wilson (princess)

Have you ever wanted to join a club that lets you socialize with other classmates without being judged while simultaneously eating breakfast? That’s exactly the vision senior, Lexi Bagrosky, had when she started The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is a new club this year at the high school where students can meet before school once a month in a judgement free environment and have breakfast together as friends.

“Breakfast club is a super rad and chill club where we get together once a month to eat breakfast,” Bagrosky said. “I started it to create a stress-free environment for students.”

Instead of having typical office positions for the seniors who lead the club, they have a princess (Catie Wilson), a brain (Madison Boyle), an athlete (Chase Gaddis), a basket case (Katherine Castillos), and a criminal (Bagrosky) as well as three EGGSecutives (Kelsey Bottomley, Jordy Allen, and Sierra Cherry).

“Lexi had an awesome idea to have a club that could allow anyone to join, meet friends and eat, and I was just excited to help her get it started,” Gaddis said. “It is less exclusive and more relationship and friend based, while we also plan to do service projects as well.”

In order to start a club at the high school, you must have a teacher sponsor. Bagrosky and friends decided to ask English teacher, Brenda Lewis, to sponsor the breakfast club.

“I decided to sponsor the breakfast club because breakfast once a month with some of the best students on campus sounded perfect,” Lewis said. “I like this club because there are some great kids in it.”

Aside from eating breakfast together once a month and doing various service projects, the club is also planning on ordering t-shirts and watching “The Breakfast Club” movie at the end of the year as a group on the football field.