Beauty and the Beast comes to life in BA


Anna Stoner

Beauty and the Beast share a moment on stage

Broken Arrow’s theater crew put on a successful production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” at the Performing Art Center. The role of Beauty was played by junior Sophia Krist and the Beast was played by Connor Blakely. The crew took several months to prepare for this magical play. They sold over 2900 tickets, earning roughly $4,000 dollars. The production was centered around a young woman named Belle who was placed in a tough situation in order to protect her father. Belle lives in an enchanted castle in order to keep her father safe. In this twist of a rags-to-riches story, Belle falls in love with a man who has a hard time loving himself.

The play had elaborate sets including stair cases, the Beast’s bedroom, the village, the dining room and the library. A company was hired to build the large sets, and they also rented backdrops for the stage. Every scene seemed to be sturdy and well decorated, and the crew successfully changed sets quickly and efficiently throughout the production. Although the sets were changed quickly, there were some characters who were changing sets dressed as silverware, so it was a tad distracting.

Each costume was almost identical to the film. The theater production crew rented the costumes for around $50, which seemed like a good price for the great visual quality. Gaston was very decorated in his large boots and his red and yellow man blouse. Belle had three costumes including her original blue dress, the pink flowy gown and her large golden ball gown. Several of the actors wore wigs to help them establish their roles. Roles such as the wardrobe or Chip had intricate costumes involving a rolling table with a teacup helmet and a wardrobe type dress.

Overall, the acting through the play was incredible. Both of the main characters, Krist and Blakely, had beautiful voices and they were portrayed successfully throughout the entire production. Senior Caleb Ricketts was bold and boastful while acting as Gaston, the town heart throb. Blakey had powerful emotion as he transformed from the frightening beast to a sweet man.