BAHS travels to Coppell, Texas

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On Sept. 11, the Broken Arrow High School football team traveled to Coppell, Texas, and with our strong numbers, their student section was not a factor in the game. With over 300 students and well over 100 parents, the football team was indeed cheered on with passion and school spirit.

The game started out strong with both teams dominating their opponent. With under two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Broken Arrow led with a score of 17 to 10. As the Tigers tried to defend their lead, the Coppell Cowboys threw a 70-yard pass for a touchdown. Time wound down as the Tigers tried to finish the game with a touchdown of their own, but time ran out with the score tied. The Cowboys were stopped on their first try in overtime, leaving it all on the table for the Tigers to take. The Tigers then scored on a 15-yard rushing play.

“I think they played like they always do – hard,” student council teacher Spencer VanDolah said.

A big influence to the team’s success came from the Jungle, the Broken Arrow student section. With the excitement of an out-of-state game and almost 200 people there with sheer excitement to cheer, the stadium was lit up with new energy. Gloria Kermanshahi, an active student council member, attended the game and helped plan activities.

“I think the support and enthusiasm really helped motivate the football team,” Kermanshahi said.

The band and cheerleaders worked together with the student section to make the experience absolutely unforgettable. With coordination of fans and students, chants encouraging the team went back and forth between the students, fans, band, and cheerleaders. Senior Aaron Sawyer served as a leader of the student section.

“It was fantastic! Definitely one for the books,” Sawyer said.

All in all, the trip to Texas will become a memory that cannot be erased. Even though the game wasn’t at home, students felt as if they were home while in each other’s company cheering on their team

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