BAHS student gets accepted into Stanford University


Madi Foster

Senior Bailey Vought accepted a full-ride to Stanford for next year.

Senior Bailey Vought has attended BAHS almost her whole life and is quickly making a legacy for herself. She recently got accepted into a very prestigious school and is very excited about the opportunity. This fall she was awarded an exceptional scholarship to Stanford University through a scholarship application called Quest Bridge.

Vought went through a specific application process that granted her a full ride. The application she went through was the Quest Bridge scholarship match, which is a nonprofit organization that grants students money based on their academic performance and involvement in extracurriculars.

“Quest Bridge is an amazing opportunity for many students who put the effort towards applying,” College and Career Counselor Kristin Carr said. “It is very rare for a student from BAHS to get that chance to further their education at such a prestigious university, and I know many administrators and teachers are proud of her accomplishments.”

Throughout her high school career, Vought has been affiliated with multiple Advanced Placement classes, clubs, and theatre productions. She is one of the few students that was chosen to be on the Student Advisory Board and on the Community on Life and Activities at Broken Arrow as well. Many of these activities have helped her prepare for her future academically and socially.

“I do make good grades and am in academically good-standing, but I am involved in many different activities ranging from the student activities program to the fine arts department,” Vought said. “My involvement and leadership skills in these areas have given me wonderful experiences and confidence that I think boosted my chances and helped me stand out.”

Vought has challenged herself academically ever since she could start taking AP classes. Her teachers are very proud to have taught such a prestigious student and that she is accomplishing her dreams of going to an Ivy League University.

“Bailey definitely stood out among others with her positive attitude and genuine love for learning,” AP Language teacher, Lesa Dickson said. “As I near 40 years of teaching, I have had many incredible students, but those bright stars like Bailey are very rare. I feel blessed when one of them walks into my classroom.”

With her scholarship, Stanford has granted her free plane rides to and from college throughout her years that she attends the university. She plans on majoring in Art History and minoring in theatre. Vought plans on attending Stanford in the upcoming fall semester.