Back In Time: Prom Will Take Us To 1902


Ashley Spencer

At Stoney Creek Hotel, students enjoy the DJ at the 2018 Broken Arrow prom.

The annual junior / senior prom is coming up on Saturday, April 27 from 8-11 p.m. at the Stoney Creek Conference Center. The junior board is the group responsible for creating the themes of the prom and adding different things to make the prom better each year.

English teacher Alice Heckler, the junior board sponsor, helped to create the theme Rose District 1902. The junior board will be pulling history from the Rose District and incorporating it into the prom theme with many different decorations. The prom this year is going to be including a lot of new things that will help in giving it a whole new feeling.

Some of the decorations used will include street lamps, roses, rustic signs, balloons, etc. There will also be different rooms for students who may not want to dance all night. There is going to be a free snack table for students and a new DJ.

“Even though the venue is going to be the same as it usually is, we are hoping the vibe will be different because of the different decorations,” Heckler said.

Junior Ericka Espago, a member of the junior board,  has been helping to plan the prom theme and give creative ideas.

“Students should definitely go to prom because not only is the theme different from what we usually do, but there will also be a lot of things to do other than just dressing up and dancing,” Espago said. “This will be a night to remember so students should consider attending.”

Junior Allison Shaw is also a member of the junior board. She helps to create the menu and the decorations for prom.

“This year’s prom theme connects more with our community and the history of Broken Arrow,” Shaw said. “My favorite part of the theme is the history behind it and the beauty it possesses. Everyone should come because it will be an amazingly beautiful and fun night.”

Tickets will go be sale Wednesday, April 17-19 for seniors and will continue to be sold April 22-25 for both juniors and seniors. The price is $45. Guest forms are also available now and must be turned in by Friday, April 19, to Mrs. Welborn in the Student Union.