BA Rugby Club is ready to tackle the season

Broken Arrow Rugby team

submitted by Jonas Jackson

Broken Arrow Rugby team

The Broken Arrow Rugby Club is like every other sport at Broken Arrow, they practice every day and all of the players have a toughness and resiliency that is challenged by none. They’re not actually a sport sponsored by Broken Arrow, however, they are a club that plays clubs from other schools around the district.

“I saw a game on TV that was being played by Oklahoma State University and I researched it and found out that Broken Arrow has a rugby team,” junior Jaxon Murray said. “I’ve been hooked on rugby ever since.”

The Rugby Club practices over at the Broken Arrow events park, near Northeastern State University and is coached by Gayla Adcock.

“Coach Adcock has taught us how to play as a team and treat the opposing team with respect,” senior Jonas Jackson said. “Each and every member of our team is key to our team’s success. It’s a team game.”

The 15 game season will look to be exciting as the Tigers have multiple threats in different positions. Senior Kevin Law and junior Josiah Persinger look to add experience and to bring leadership to the table for the Tigers. Following them is junior Logan Bailey who brings a youthfulness and drive to the club.

“Coach Adcock has made a much better player by working with me on everything from passing and kicking, to my attitude on the pitch (field),” Persinger said.

The rugby team is busy practicing and getting ready for the beginning of the season which is set to begin around the beginning of the second semester. Their first scrimmages begin in January and they are hopeful to gain more support from the students of Broken Arrow.