Aquaman, worth the watch but not worth the price of a ticket


One of the famous DC comics came to life in theaters during December of 2018. The cast includes; Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera (Aquaman’s sidekick), Patrick Wilson as King Orm (Aquaman’s long lost brother and enemy), and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna (the boys’ mom and queen on Atlantis).

The movie gives a phenomenal back story of how Aquaman was born and raised. Which helps the audience, who do not know anything about Aquaman’s story, and also does a good job of giving a refresher to those that know who he is but need to be reminded of small details they may have forgotten. Throughout the movie the plot goes through not only Aquaman’s life but his discovery of his long lost brother and how their reunion causes destruction within the sea-world.

Since Aquaman was birthed from a mortal and immortal he has attributes that other superheroes don’t. He has to go through some struggles of being different which in the long run helps him. His dad was a regular light house tenant while his mom was a mermaid. I really liked how they made the backstory of his parents very charming and sentimental. It made the audience feel something rather than the movie only containing fight scenes.

Overall the movie’s plot was very thorough and at some time, a little too thorough. The movie was over 2 hours long and at some parts I was wondering why they inputted that scene. I feel like for most kids, they would have not been able to sit through a superhero movie that long and be able to actually enjoy it.

For an action/ superhero movie, I think it was executed very well despite the minor problems with the length. Many other viewers thought it was an okay movie with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 65% and IMDb giving it a 7.5/10.

I wouldn’t recommend spending your money to see this movie in theaters, but it’s worth a watch if you like DC comics.