Amber Welch pursues awards in art


Rylee Mellon

Amber Welch works on her latest art project in class.

Senior Amber Welch is quickly becoming known for her artistic abilities. She only recently started her art career through personal interest and school.

“I started art through my doodles in class, which led to taking art classes,” Welch said.

Recently, Amber has been given multiple distinctions for her hard work. She has been highlighted in local magazines and chosen to have paintings in important buildings. The most popular being that one of her paintings was selected to be placed in a NASA building in Washington, D.C.

Welch is pushed to succeed by her two art teachers, Jennifer Brown and Jennifer Deal. They both play a huge role in how she has improved and evolved from what she once was.

“The most impressive thing about Amber is her artistic eye – she sees in an imaginative but realistic way and always does 110% of what she is expected to do,” Brown said.

The contests Welch has entered require a specific art piece, and in return, she gets a chance to win money, scholarships, and or the opportunity to display her artwork in an important building. She recently won an award at Mayfest, and it was a huge opportunity for her to get noticed around the area.

“My highest award for my art piece is the PSO Mark of Excellence Award at Mayfest,” Welch said. “I received $500 and got mentioned in the Tulsa World newspaper.”

Amber is currently enrolled in AP 2D Design with Jennifer Deal.

“Amber improves daily just in her mastery of the many skills she has, including her insane artistic work ethic and the techniques she uses with every piece of art she creates,” Deal said.

Amber plans on attending either Watkins College of Art and Design or Kansas City Art Institute while majoring in Graphic Design.