Aloha Bash kicks off the new year with mud and fun

The annual Aloha Bash took place on Aug. 27. At this event, students came together at the beginning of the school year to enjoy time with friends. Getting into this event cost $10, and there were many activities that students were able to participate in.

Event admission included free chips, water, snow cones, and hot dogs. There were also two mud pits, a slip and slide, and slip and slide kickball. The fire department also showed up to spray everyone with a hose at the end to clean them off.

“This is a great back to school kickoff to have fun,” Christian Welborn, Director of Student Activities, said.

Senior committee head Jonahs Habeck and other students helped to organize this event. They all helped by making a giant mud pit, setting up all of the tables, activities, food and more.

“The Aloha Bash never goes perfectly because it is outside, but that is the beauty of it,” Habeck said. “It will always be different, and plans will change but you just have to keep working. My favorite part of the Aloha Bash was the slip and slides because they were really slippery, and it was really fun going with all of my friends.”

Junior Faith Baldwin also went to the Aloha Bash. She enjoyed going to the Aloha Bash for the free food, mud fights with friends, and the many activities.

“It was really exciting, and it was amazing seeing everyone have fun,” Baldwin said. “I will definitely be going back next year because I had a very fun time with all of my friends.

Every year the student council and leadership members work hard to make the event even better.