Adopt, don’t shop; shelter animals are better

When looking for a new pet, many turn to local breeders or pet stores, but the tradition of adopting puppies from breeders leaves a great number of strays. Although often overlooked, shelter animals can make better pets than animals from a breeder for many reasons.

Here are some advantages of rescuing dogs, rather than shopping from a breeder:

  • Most dogs that get rescued were most likely abandoned, you will be saving a life from possibly starving or being hit on the highway.

  • The dog is usually trained from their last owner, they are most likely potty trained and listen well.

  • It is a lot cheaper to rescue other than buying from a breeder who charges hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

  • Rescuing can teach valuable life skills and responsibility for children and adults.

  • If the owner before had the dog for a while, they were probably neutered or spayed, which saves you money.

  • You will have a lot more options to choose from. Dogs are rescued every day, different breed means more opportunities to get your favorite breed you have been wanting.

  • When rescuing from a shelter, the dogs are usually sad from being locked up but, if you rescue them then you’ll turn their life around and see the happy side in them.

  • For some shelters, if you rescue a dog then the shelter will let you sign up for classes on how to connect with each other and have more control them.

  • If you’re adopting an older dog, they are past the puppy stage, so they won’t be chewing up everything or peeing everywhere.

  • Animals improve happiness. Companionship is one of the most valuable things pets offer, and adopted animals are great companions.


These are just some of the many reasons why rescuing is helping our environment. Lives will be saved and the homeless dog population will go down.