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Welcome to episode 7 of GMBA, for October 16, 2018. Good Morning Broken Arrow is the brand new official weekly news show of Broken Arrow High School brought to you by ArrowVision and @BAHSPulse!

The Pulse | 10/3/18

The Pulse (of BAHS) is back for a fifth season! Meet our brand new crew of students and relive some of the best moments of the school year so far.

BA BA Land | The 2018 BAHS Lip Dub

The 2018 Broken Arrow High School Lip Dub is the story of a new student who dreams of her magical first day at BAHS! Take a journey with us through the halls of "BA BA Land" as our students sing and dance to classic songs from hit musicals.

We Go Together | From The 2018 BAHS Lip Dub
Time Warp | From the 2018 BAHS Lip Dub
“Life’s a Happy Song” | from the 2018 BAHS Lip Dub
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Award-winning One Act to host open showing at BAPAC
Behind the Curtain: Talent Show displays unique student skills
Amber Welch pursues awards in art
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Broken Arrow bands prepare for first concert of the year
Join Latin Club
The Annual Leadership Retreat
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Chase Nichols brings history back to life
BAHS Head Custodian Terri Moos fights cancer
Hannah Hoffman’s journey with Cystic Fibrosis
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2017 BAHS Lip Dub

BA went back to the 80's for their 2017 lip dub!

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