You Matter: a club full of hope


 Being a teen can be hard, and sometimes it is difficult to know how to deal with your problems. You Matter is one of the many clubs that the highschool provides to assist with that. It is filled with members who care about helping others.

¨My friend, Gracie, encouraged me and I felt like it was needed in our school,¨ senior Baron Gaines said.

Students needed somewhere to learn about caring for themselves.

¨I held a passion for people who struggled with identity and value and felt like kids our age could use more tools to deal with the stress of life,” senior Gracie Palmer said, the creator of the club.

Last year they didn’t have many members, but they are growing in size and hope to reach out to more people.

¨There were about twenty students at the last meeting,¨ sponsor Alice Heckler said. ¨I think those twenty students will reach out to five students each, so now we are at one hundred students, and the reach will continue to grow. The group will spread its positive message on campus, and I hope reach that one student that is going through a difficult time.¨ 

You Matter can be enlightening and profoundly impact the members.

¨It really opened my eyes to the reality of suicide, especially with teens,¨ Gaines said. 

People hide their emotions at school every day, but if you pay attention you can notice. Helping doesn’t have to be this big thing, you just need to routinely check in on people.

¨Listen, listen, listen; help a person to come to a solution that is healthiest for them; always be accepting, open-minded, and receptive,¨ Palmer said. 

The club has weekly challenges and prizes to make things fun, and the next meeting is on the first Thursday of October. 

¨I hope to see it grow and that we perhaps outgrow my classroom,¨ Heckler said. 

Anybody who wants to make a change can join in Mrs. Heckler’s classroom, which is D212.