Will it be a Daydream or a Nightmare? Find out at Gym Night!


Gracelyn Basinger

Teams Ice and Fire react to the announcement that Ice won during 2018 Gym Night.

Gym Night is dance competition of two teams of students competing against each other. Their goal is to entertain everyone showing up to the competition. The competition will take place on Monday, March 2 at 8:00 p.m. Admission is $5 or free with an all-access pass.

Gym Night is organized and put together by the leadership team and Director of Student Activities Christian Wellborn. The theme of the this year’s competition is “Daydream” versus “Nightmare” and will be choreographed by the Tigettes. Each dance is about 12 minutes long, and each team includes 60 to 80 students.

“Gym Night is a fun night filled with entertainment,” Wellborn said. “It is very impressive and funny.”

Senior Katelyn Klempa is a Tigette performing on Team Nightmare for Gym Night, as well as choreographing the dance. To prepare, the teams practice 3 hours a week for 7 weeks and send videos of the dance to each other for help. Surprises to wow the audiences are often incorporated, and this year will be no different. Klempa revealed that both purge masks and Pennywise the Clown will appear during Team Nightmare’s performance.

“It’s an amazing event, and it is so fun to watch,” Klempa said.“There’s a lot of hard work put into the event.”

Senior Sarah Leger is also a Tigette performing on Team Daydream for Gym Night. Leger has spent time choreographing the dances by finding music that goes with the theme of the performance, then basing the characters and style of the dance to the music. In Team Daydream’s performance they will have a secret weapon and many creative lifts.

“I am excited to see my team show everyone what we have worked so hard for,” Leger said. “I am so proud of everyone doing a great job and having fun.”

Junior Payton Shreve went to last year’s competition ‘Fire and Ice.’ She saw many different varieties of costumes and stunts in the performances. Even those who aren’t a part of the dancing teams enjoy the competition and watching the teams do their best. 

“Last year was very impressive,” Shreve said. “I am excited to see what they have planned this year.”