Ways to Stay in Shape


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These are a few ideas and tips on how to get fit.

Getting in shape can be difficult, and staying in shape can be even harder, with temptations of taking days off and eating unhealthy foods. I find, however, that working hard every day and staying consistent with my workouts has not only positively affected my body, but my life as well.  If you are serious about training, sacrifices must be made so that you have time to work out. You also need self-discipline to keep your eating habits healthy and to stay motivated. There are three main parts to staying in shape: diet, exercise, and rest.

Many people think you have to eat less and cut meals to lose weight and gain a better physique. This is not always true; some may have to cut back on their calorie intake, but others may just need to change what types of food they’re eating. Soda and greasy or sugary foods are the main things to keep out of your diet. Cheat days are sometimes acceptable, but continuous unhealthy eating can have a negative impact on the progress you make from working out. Keeping a healthy diet can be one of the biggest things that make a change in how your body will look and feel. Here are a few tips on how to start dieting according to Cleveland Clinic.

Exercise is the most time-consuming part of a healthy lifestyle, so if you are just starting to work out, I would recommend to start slow and work out 2-4 times a week, but keeping a consistent workout routine will have a big impact on how you improve. Lifting weights will increase muscle strength and size. While weightlifting, it’s good to group certain muscle groups together, like chest and back, biceps and triceps, and various leg muscles. You can also do cardio and ab workouts, such as running, bicycling, and doing planks and crunches, which can help you slim down and keep your body fit. Staying motivated to work out can be a struggle, but making sacrifices will be necessary to keep yourself in shape. These are some beginner workout routines from Men’s Health you can start out with.

Last, but definitely not least, rest is an important part of maintaining a steady workout routine without becoming too fatigued and damaging your muscles. You shouldn’t be working out the same muscle group day after day since it only tears down your muscles without giving them a chance to build back up. Make sure to give your body plenty of time to rest before working out the same muscle group again.

Staying disciplined with your diet, keeping up with your workouts, and getting sufficient rest will make a major improvement on the way you look, how your body feels every day, and also can impact your work ethic and create new values for hard work and determination. I hope this article inspires you to create a healthier lifestyle or continue to keep working towards your goals.