United Club brings students together through devotion and donuts


United Club is an organization that helps to provide a safe place for students to share their beliefs with others that are like-minded. Their goal is to empower students to be more confident in their faith and to promote positive life practices based on their faith.

“I joined United Club because I wanted to be involved in something that means something to me,” junior Adyson Mastropietro said. “I love being able to get together once a week and talk about God and what he’s done in our lives.”

Jeanie Moore is the sponsor for United Club.

“There are no requirements to attend; everyone is welcome,” Moore said.

The group meets every week in B262 at 7:15 am. United Club conducts many exercises that help their members start their week with an encouraging focus, and grow closer to God.

“During United Club, students share their stories and life lessons in order to create a community and relationships to help themselves and others,” Moore said. “Students also share devotions and recently we have had some talented musicians who have lead worship music.”

Senior Jacob Ciro is also involved in United Club and encourages other students to come and see what it is all about.

“Anyone who is interested in learning more about Christianity or are Christians should come to learn more about United Club because it helps you stay focused and it reminds us what Christianity is about,” Ciro said.

United Club is a great way for students to get connected with other students who share the same beliefs and to enjoy student-led devotions.

“My favorite part of United Club is the student-led devotions, and of course the donuts,” junior Tori Chin said.

To join United Club, visit Mrs. Moore’s room in B262. For more information, email Mrs. Moore at .