Tiger softball ranked #1

This season, Lady Tigers softball team is bringing home wins. The team is taking wins after wins, setting a record-breaking record of 32 wins and 2 losses. The team is undefeated in their own district, with a record of 12-0.

Junior McKayla Carney has been in love with the sport since she was ten. 

“Our win against Owasso went back and forth scoring runs,” Carney said. “Sophomore Kyleigh Lamont hit the running win at the bottom of the seventh inning.”

The atmosphere between the teammates is very caring and spiritual. All of the girls are close to each other and work together every day to play the sport they love.

“They have always been like sisters to me, and we are just one big family,” Carney said.

Senior Hannah Duin has been playing softball since a young age and fell in love with it.

“My mom signed me up when I was 4, and I started playing competitive softball at the age of 12,” Duin said.

The girls don’t have to be on the field to love being around each other. The sport really brings together the girls and is just one big sisterhood.

“My relationship with my teammates is really close because we are always together whether it be in softball or not,” Duin said. “My favorite win was on senior when we beat Muskogee for our last home game.”

Junior Maci Cole is enjoying every minute of the game.

“This season is our best season so far,” Cole said. “There is something special in this year’s team.”

All of the girls are hoping to win the state championship and make the best of the year.

Senior Raegan Edwards has a special bond with the girls.

“The goal this year is to win state. By staying positive and picking each other up we can accomplish that,” Edwards said.