Tiger Challenge Leadership builds good character in high school students



Student in the Tiger Challenge Leadership learn lessons to use in life

Tiger Challenge Leadership is a class where students act as mentors and friends to new students on campus, as well as students in elementary schools around Broken Arrow. Mary Fowler is the teacher of Tiger Challenge Leadership, which promotes good character and instills virtues of generosity and hospitality in the students involved in the class. Tiger Challenge Leadership also does a presentations for all the third Graders in the district at the PAC that teaches Tenacity, Integrity, Gratitude, Expectations, and Respect.

“We greet new students, mentor elementary students, show kindness on campus, make sure students on campus have necessities such as coats and toiletries and give away Prom dresses,” Fowler said. “We also plan and throw a huge holiday party including Santa, gifts, crafts, and stockings for elementary students who have financial need; it’s an absolutely wonderful experience, and everyone loves it.”

Senior Clorissa Robinson joined Tiger Leadership after one of her friends told her about the class and one of her favorite parts of the class is the time the class spends with elementary school kids. She recommends the class to any other students who want to make a difference around the school.

“My favorite part about it is the interactions we get to have with the elementary kids,” Robinson said. “Other students should take it to help around the school, help kids in need, and to have fun.”

Senior Jade Bennett has been in Tiger Challenge Leadership since she was a sophomore and has enjoyed being a part of it every year since.

“How we get to be apart of elementary kids lives and help the school as much as possible,” Bennett said. “I took leadership in 10th grade and I loved the dynamic and it gave me an opportunity to be me and I know other kids would love it too.”

Students can join Tiger Challenge Leadership by filling out a Leadership Application in the Student Union or by contacting Mrs. Fowler at mdfowler@baschools.org. Students also need teacher approval to join Tiger Challenge Leadership.