Tiger Camp creates school spirit

On Thursday morning, Aug. 22, 3,800 sophomores, juniors, and seniors were welcomed into the heavily decorated and newly renovated Broken Arrow High School.

The first two days were known as Tiger Camp, which brought students together and began the feeling of school spirit.

On the first day the students attended orientation, learned the chants for sporting events, participated in activities to not only break the ice with peers, but also to learn important skills on achieving the “BA way”. Their activities also included a tour of the new and improved campus.

Jason Jedamski, Director of Student life and Activities, worked all summer to organize Tiger Camp.

Jedamski had three goals for Tiger Camp: make student to student and school to student connections, familiarize students with campus and resources, and establish the Tiger Way.

Jedamski had a few favorite moments of Tiger Camp.

“Watching students get more comfortable with each other as the first day progressed was one of my favorite moments,” said Jedamski, “I would also say the spirit during the lip dub was a favorite.”

Aubrey Humphrey, junior, felt like it was a huge success.

“Personally I think it was a success, but it all depended on the person and what they put into it,” said Aubrey Humphrey, “If they actually participated in the activities they would’ve had fun.”

Humphrey also thought that the tour of the school really helped her not get lost in a campus that exponential.

The second day of Tiger Camp consisted of a few more activities, shortened increments of regular classes and the production of a lip dub video (which you can watch on the Broken Arrow Public Schools YouTube channel.)

“The lip dub was probably my favorite part of Tiger Camp, because it was so different from anything that I’ve ever done at school.” said Chloe Rose, senior, “It was unbelievable seeing so many kids coming together to create something cool that represents such a great school.”

There is still talk about arranging Tiger Camp for next year.