The ‘Key’ to any ‘Club’ is helping others


Key club is a high school volunteer organization that anyone can join. Members of this club volunteer not only on campus but at various elementary schools, carnivals, nursing homes, and other places around Broken Arrow. Sponsor Mary Fowler, a physical education teacher, said that this club is not tied to any academics, it is just a volunteering experience.

“I sponsor the Key Club because I enjoy watching these teenagers spend their time by helping others who need it,” Fowler said.

Senior McKenzie Keane joined the Key club because she wanted to help the community by volunteering. She enjoys to volunteer and help people who don’t have as much as others do. Mckenzie has also been volunteering in this club for two years.

“I have not only gained many friends, but I have also gained the chance to see the happiness that comes to those who we have helped,” Keane said.

Senior Madison Shrum said that the Key Club has opened her eyes and has helped her see kids who are struggling and in need of help. They do things like volunteering at elementary schools by throwing Christmas parties to give less fortunate kids a better Christmas experience. They also volunteer at nursing homes to help the elderly, she loves seeing the happiness from the people she has helped.

“My favorite thing about the volunteering we do is the joy we get out of helping others,” Shrum said, “It is always a lot of fun when we get to go to the elementary schools and nursing homes to cheer them up.”

There is still time for students who want to join the Key club. Membership is $15.