The Four Rules of Halloween

Stay safe this Halloween, and have fun!

Happy Halloween, BAHS! To make sure you have a spooktacular time with all your goulfriends and boos, here is a quick reminder of the four rules of Halloween.

The four rules of Halloween were first introduced in the 2007 horror film “Trick ‘r Treat.” A haunting tale about four strange souls, each breaking one rule, and being forced to face the consequences in the forms of goblins, ghosts, and trick-r-treaters, oh my! If you’re planning to skip the candy this year and stay in with movies, check out this one, but be sure to take necessary precautions, such as…

Wearing a costume
Old superstitions about monsters coming to visit are why Halloween was created. People dressed in scary costumes, hoping to blend in with the beasts hunting for treats. Why risk you becoming their next treat? Wear a costume to join the festivities!

Handing out treats
Another old tradition about the founding of Halloween. Treats were often left on the front steps to keep monsters from wanting in. While the little gremlins roaming the streets today only want your candy, you might not want to chance upsetting a little ghoul and having your house haunted or egged. Don’t be that house and hand out some treats!

Never blow out a Jack O’ Lantern
Carving vegetables and squash is an old Irish tradition brought over to American pumpkins centuries ago. Legend has it a ghost named Jack carried his own lantern carved from a turnip, cursed to wander the earth, unable to enter Heaven or Hell. Other ghosts followed suit but would avoid each other when they saw the faint candles. To keep these ghosts away from their homes, the Irish and Scottish placed out their own vegetable lanterns and began carving frightening faces lest one brave soul gets too close. No one knows where Jack or his grim crew is, but maybe keep the lanterns lit this year, just in case.

ALWAYS check your candy
Any trick-r-treater has heard their parents insist they needed to check their candy before eating any. Needles and drugs in tampered candy are uncommon, but it still happened once upon a hallows eve. There are countless horror stories and news reports from all the way back in 1959 for you to research and tell in the pillow forts with a flashlight shining up your nose. The dangers of tampered candy may be rare, but they are still there. Please, check your candy.

Stay safe, ghouls and boos. Enjoy your happy Halloween, whether it be trick-r-treating, Trick ‘r Treating, or partying, remember to follow all the rules and enjoy the haunt.