The club for book reading nerds: Literary lunch club

If reading a passion of yours, then the Literary Lunch Club is for you.

“Book clubs are something that I believe benefit every school because they provide a safe space for students to fangirl about books,” librarian Kathryn Thomas said.

The Literary Lunch Club is a club for students who want a place to relax and read books during their lunch time.

“We are a genre based book club, so instead of everyone reading the same book every month we all read the same genre, for the month of October, our genre is Horror,” Thomas said.

This club is completely free, and students can join by showing up to one of the meetings held every second and last Wednesdays of the month during both lunches.

“I like delving into another person’s imagination,” senior Bethany Jenson said.

This club was formed this year and definitely has gotten more people wanting to join and has encouraged more people to read. 

“There are nice people, sufficient time to read books, and Mrs. Thomas, the librarian, is very amazing,” Jenson said.

This is the right club to go to when you feel eager to read and need some alone time to just relax a little. 

“I like being around other book-reading nerds,” Jenson said.

 Even though this is a relatively new club that has been added, students have enjoyed the small discussions that they have had over the book they are reading. 

“I’ve really enjoyed our discussions over the smaller details of what we read and our opinions,” junior Kurt Nguyen said.

Students have been excited that every month they read different types of genres.

“Each month we pick a genre for all of us to read, and this has kept me active in reading a diverse range of novels,” Nguyen said.

Join the Literary Lunch Club by going to the meetings held every second and last Wednesdays of the month during both lunches in the media center.