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Annual Leadership retreat at Camp Dry Gulch was last weekend and there were many students that attended. This year’s speaker, Jason Jedamski, talked about self-reflection and had students do many activities to get out of their shell and meet others.

One of the activities was writing about what others think about them and what they think about themselves, who they will be in the future, and what they can do to change the school.

The students were assigned into groups of about 10 people including their leaders so they could talk about everything going on in the camp and in their life. They did activities in their groups that helped them get to know each other and feel closer to each person there.

Leadership teacher Victoria McGee was at the leadership retreat along with a number of other staff members.

“At the leadership retreat the students worked on building relationships and bonding with everyone at the camp,” McGee said. “Seeing the students that are shy and scared become friends with new people is really inspiring. It is a great place to meet new friends, come out of your shell, and learn about yourself and others.”

At the end of the night, students went outside and joined each other in a line. Jedamski mentioned personal things that could happen in someone’s life and had the students stepped forward if something that he mentioned had happened, or was currently happening to them. This activity got students to open up about personal things in their lives.

After this activity, students went back to their groups and talked about everything that happened. They even wrote on wood pieces the memories they wanted to burn and later threw them in the bonfire.

Junior Lexie Isham has been to this event twice and plans on going next year as well.

“I participated in the leadership retreat because it is a great experience and you get to meet many people and have fun,” Isham said. “My favorite part about the leadership retreat was the small group time and the smores at the bonfire. Being there made me feel happy and wanted because I always had someone to talk to.”

On Sunday morning after breakfast, there was worship in the auditorium for anyone who wanted to participate. After that everyone went outside and wrote on stickers about one of their friends or even someone they just met at the camp and stuck it on that person. At the end, everyone sat down and listened to a few people speak, including senior Jack Reynolds.

“I had the blessing of being able to speak and preach and that was very encouraging and life-changing,” Reynolds said. “This year was very encouraging, I think attending this event is a great way to grow in your leadership abilities and grow together as a school.”

If you would like to participate in the next leadership retreat you can go to the student union for more information.

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