Tennis Boys Are Looking to Serve the Competition this Season


Several tennis boys have started the season off strong this year, and many of the players are ready to play in hopes of heading to the state championship. Senior Nathan Zilmer is in his last season of tennis this year and is looking forward to making it a good one. His coach, Scott Milner, has seen how Zilmer has progressed as a player and person while playing tennis throughout his high school career.

On the tennis court, Nathan’s best assets are his serve and volleys; he’s lanky and has great reach which gives him a great advantage playing doubles,” Milner said. “Nathan has quite literally has grown in height over the past 4 years, which is a huge advantage in tennis and he has learned to use his height to improve his serve and his net game, as well as learning how to make better and better decisions throughout a match.”

Junior Cole Huebert is also on the tennis team and is grateful for the opportunity to compete on a high level. He is looking forward to finishing the season well and is prepared to go to the state tournament this season.

“My favorite thing about tennis is being able to play against people who are good competitors,” Huebert said. “My goal for this season is to qualify for state with a good seed and hopefully win the tournament.”

Sophomore Andrew Sawyer is just starting his tennis career at the high school and is looking forward to becoming a better player. Gaining experience and practicing have been his main focus so far this year.

“I want to play my best and learn from my losses to improve how I play,” Sawyer said. “I’ve practiced a lot, both during school and outside of school so I am definitely ready to take on this season.”

The next game of the season for the boys is on April 1 at the Tiger Tennis Complex here at Broken Arrow High School.