Teacher brings passions to class

Hailey Long
Stuart price has 19 school photos on display in his classroom.

Stuart Price has been teaching at BA for 22 years, in this time he has amassed a large collection of items. Among the wide variety of items there are pictures he has collected during his life. Each one is different, having its own story behind it to tell and shows how he has aged as a person over the years.

“I’ve always had extra pictures.” Price said. “Nineteen on the wall, and three prom pictures with one from 1974 my senior year.”

Mr.Price’s items don’t just consist of pictures he’s collected though. In fact, it ranges from a variety of Simpsons figurines, items that students have given him over the years, to the class turtle. Other than Price’s large collection students can also admire his energy and personality in class. Just by waking in some students can tell he’s passionate about his job.

“I walked in on the first day of school and immediately knew it was going to be a good class,” Senior Cailynn Clayton said. “He loves his job and cares about his students.” 

One of the many reasons he loves teaching is because of his students, former and new, they remind him that he was a former child himself.

“I just love being with kids.” Price said. “I am a former child myself.”

Mr.Price helps and inspires his students on a daily basis to improve themselves in class by sharing ways he’s done it himself. He genuinely cares about his students, and wants to know how they’re doing.  

“He’s always sharing things he does to better himself and it rubs off on us.” Said senior Bre Littlebear.

If you want to drop by and say hello to Mr.Price or just see his large collection of items, drop by room D258.