Tapper twin and triplet siblings perform with pride


Ashley Spencer

Sophomore Joe Tapper performs with the Pride of Broken Arrow at the Owasso football game halftime show on Sept. 5.

Several sets of siblings will perform together with the Pride of Broken Arrow this year, but none quite like the siblings from the Tapper family. The Tapper family includes five students at the high school: a set of twins that are juniors and a set of triplets that are sophomores.

Scott and Emily Tapper are juniors and have been in The Pride since their freshman year. Joe, Katie and Sarah are sophomore triplets and have been in Pride since their freshman year as well.

“I enjoy doing something productive and important with my family,” sophomore Sarah Tapper said.

Together, the Tappers all feel that band is an important and enjoyable experience.

“Band is amazing just because you are one part in a huge picture, and no one is ever more important tha someone else,” sophomore Joe Tapper said.

Pride takes a lot of dedication and hard work. During pride season members practice every day of the week except Sundays. The extensive practice pays off because The Pride wins nationals almost every year.

“Even though Pride is very taxing and takes up a lot of time, it’s time well spent,” said Scott. “You make a lot of fun memories with your friends… and family in our case.”

The trumpet, trombone and clarinet are just some of the instruments the Tapper siblings play. All of the Tappers plan to participate in Pride throughout their high school years.