Student Spotlight: Alivia Holiman

Holiman with the other drum majors, ready to perform the Norman football game pre-show.

Adyson Mastropietro

Holiman with the other drum majors, ready to perform the Norman football game pre-show.

For the first time in Broken Arrow marching band history, a color guard girl is serving as a drum major this year.

Anyone who has watched a band show has most likely seen the kids holding instruments or the girls spinning flags on the football field. But what about the people in the stands directing them? Those are the drum majors, the student leaders of the marching band. Junior Alivia Holiman is the first of these drum majors to not have marched an instrument first. Holiman plays the french horn in class, but she has marched with the color guard throughout her Pride career.

“When I was in guard, it was mostly what I could do for myself,” Holiman said. “As a drum major, it’s all about giving myself, and I love it.”

Drum majors audition at the beginning of every season. Most of the applicants are upperclassmen who had marched with an instrument for two or three years before. Holiman is the first person to be chosen as a drum major without marching her french horn.

“I couldn’t believe it, this program which was 90 years in the making, and I have the honor to be ‘the first’ in anything was mind-blowing,” Holiman said.

The other drum majors in Pride, as well as Holiman’s friends, could tell that her positive attitude and hard-working demeanor is what led to her achievement in the auditions.

“Alivia is a very kind and outgoing person,” senior drum major Alexis Loveless said. “She’s always willing to help people and this helps her get to know people in Pride.”

Holiman decided to audition for drum major as far back as March of last school year.

“Alivia seemed very excited about auditioning, and I was very happy and excited for her as well,” senior color guard member Emily Turner said. “With Alivia conducting, it’s been really cool to see her up there especially since she is a former color guard member. It has been weird not seeing her in block with us and spinning with us, but she is a great conductor, and we’re all so happy for her.”

Holiman will continue conducting with the drum majors into her senior year, connecting the horn line and the color guard together as a family.

“Performing with the Pride is a feeling I’ll never forget, and I have loved it more than the world,” Holiman said. “But getting to lead all these wonderful people and getting to see their faces after a great rep is beyond priceless, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Holiman can be seen conducting the Pride in their final performances this year at the Oklahoma Bands State competition at Owasso High School on Nov. 2