Student doctors for athletes


Ashley Spencer

Senior Maggie Pembrook dresses an injury during a football game.

Broken Arrow has many sports, and athletes always have a chance to be injured while participating. The student athletic trainers are the on-site “doctors” that help the athletes do therapy and injury-oriented workouts and prepare for their performances.

Student Athletic Training is a class at the end of the day where a number of girls and boys go to the gym training rooms and supervise athletes working out and help any previously injured athletes. The athletic trainers tape, ice, and use a ‘stem’ machine to help the athletes.

“Athletic training was one of the best experiences of my high school career,” trainer alumna Sarah Sellers said.

The trainers all work together as a team, and make long-lasting friendships. After being together in a room every day after school, they look after each other and defend each other at all costs.

“My favorite part about training is becoming really great friends with all the athletes and helping them,” senior Jessica Carter said.

It helps to have trust in the people who help if an injury occurs, and the athletes and trainers definitely have a great friendship with each other. Athletes and trainers bond and build better relationships with every practice, game, or meet.

“When I went into the training room to get an ice bath, it was way after practice and all the trainers were in there,” senior Gabe Sams said. “Everyone acted like a family and joked around together.”

The athletic trainers are present at every athletic event, rain or shine. They get at least three sports a year, switching off whenever the season ends. The athletic trainers can be found every day in the training rooms until the last athlete leaves, always ready for anything.