Stressed to the max- Students conquer the end of the year


Ashley Spencer

Senior Brittney Chism tries to focus on studying.

As 2014 draws to a close, so does the first semester of the school year. For students this means a relaxing two week vacation from school, but first they have to conquer the dreaded semester finals. For many this means long hours of studying and multiple trips to coffee shops. Finals aren’t the only things about high school that are stressful, especially for seniors and their upcoming experiences of college.

“It seems like now a days stress and high school go hand-in-hand,” senior Dia Delso said, “being in show choir and multiple clubs around campus makes me feel as though I have to be in three different places at once.”

With colleges putting so much pressure on young people to be super involved in their community, it is hard to not become stressed out. The ideal student for a college would be a straight A student who is involved in leadership, athletics, and does ample amounts of volunteer work for their community.

“As a senior with two jobs, multiple extracurricular activities, AP classes, and just normal stresses like my family and future, I find that time is going by so fast and things still don’t seem to be getting done,” senior Erin Tabberer said.

With all of life’s stresses it’s easy to get caught up in the little things. Students relieve stress in many ways like playing sports and video games, writing, or just going to a quiet place and getting some needed alone time.

“I am looking forward to break so that I can spend time with my parents,” junior Eliazar Villalva said. “They are fun to be around.”

During this stressful time of the year with finals looming, it is important for students to relax and enjoy time with their families. With all of the stresses of the holiday season, taking this two week break to detox from 2014 and prepare for the next semester is an important thing to do.