Stop complaining about Pokemon Sword and Shield

February 27, 1996, the date the first Pokemon game was released on one of the few early handheld gaming consoles, the Gameboy. Not even a year later, the first episode of its own series that would accompany many from childhood, and in some cases adulthood, aired. It was a hit with children all around the world, from trading digital pokemon to trading card versions of the little monsters, people just couldn’t get enough.

It was so popular in fact, that it has managed to last over two decades. Over these two decades, Pokemon has released a copious amount of games, 122 to be exact. It may seem like a lot, but a majority of these games are only side games, 36 of them being the core games and their alternative versions.

As their audience grows older, though, and recent releases have been met with a more critical eye. It doesn’t help that there are unauthorized leaks for new games so that it’s easier for people to pick it apart. A good example of this is their newest addition to the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Whether it’s about the starter pokemon’s evolutions or their favorite pokemon being cut, people can’t seem to stop ragging on the new game. I can understand where they’re coming from, really, having your favorite pokemon removed from the game stinks, but that’s really no reason to call Gamefreak lazy or insult them. And let’s be honest here, nobody actually wants nearly 1,000 Pokemon in the game.

Another complaint I’ve seen a lot of is the new Pokemon being uncreative and ugly. This has always been the complaint with each new game, everybody has something to say about the new Pokemon until it finally comes and suddenly they’re ‘loving the new pokemon!’, it’s ridiculous. People also need to keep in mind what they’re looking at is unauthorized leaks by Nintendo and might be hacked or fake. 

Overall, I personally think people are being overly critical of a game they haven’t played yet. They can sit there and say they’re not gonna buy the game, but we all know they are, and they’re gonna enjoy it like they always have.