Spending time outside is beneficial to our health


Caroline Perkins

There are many benefits to spending time outdoors.

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy being outside?

“Not only does being outside increase are health it also increases our oneness with nature,” science teacher Bradley McNutt said.

Knowing about nature can help us become better stewards of the environment. Being outdoors can provide a better and healthier lifestyle.

“There is no better way to start taking care of the Earth than to be a part of the Earth,” McNutt said.  

When you’re outside, your energy starts to wear down, but as your body sweats it starts to cool down. 

“When you sweat, you start to lose weight so you can be a skinny legend,” Junior Tatum Newberry said.

We all have mixed emotions about being outside, but the benefits of us spending time are very necessary to us and our health.

“I am both an outside and inside person,” Sophomore Joey Herzog said. “I need a certain amount of nature, but also a certain amount of inside to chill.”

Spend more time outside because the benefits are very necessary to our health.