Singing takes Jenna Johnson across the world


Mindy Kincade

Sophomore Jenna Johnson sings with Tiger Mystique.

Sophomore Jenna Johnson was entered into a singing competition when she was in eighth grade. Her teacher, Mrs. Corbit, entered her into a competition to sing with the National Junior Honor Choir at Carnegie Hall in New York City. She auditioned by sending in a tape of her singing, and she was accepted in and went to New York in June of 2016.

When she made it to sing with the National Junior Honor Choir she was automatically nominated to audition for the National High School Honor Choir to sing at the Sydney Opera house in Sydney, Australia. She auditioned in the same way and found out that she made it, she went a year later in June of 2017.

“When I found out that I made it to sing with the National High School Honor Choir in Sydney I was jumping around with happiness and joy,” Johnson said. “I could not believe I made it.”

Senior Bernardo Duran-Fonseca met Johnson this summer at a show choir camp where they had the chance to get to know each other. He feels that when she sings she finds a way to connect with her audience and really perform.

“She’s been so inspirational,” Duran-Fonseca said. “Her singing is a beautiful and a pure thing. I have no doubt she will change people’s lives with her wonderful voice.”

Sophomore Haven Reynolds has known Johnson for 5 years. Music has given them many opportunities to make memories together and travel to new places. Without music, many things wouldn’t be possible for them. Reynolds describes Johnson’s voice as very soft and distinct and says she has blossomed as a singer.

“I’m crazy proud of her,” Reynolds said. “This shows that you are really capable of whatever you set your heart and mind to.”

Johnson said that singing with the National High School Honor Choir at the Sydney Opera house was her biggest achievement. She hopes that colleges will recognize her for her singing achievement, and she will get scholarships for it.