Several student athletes come closer to their dreams on National Signing Day


Madi Foster

As Broken Arrow student athletes signed with their dream colleges, they were also inclined to hear former BA athlete, Isaac Armstead’s journey.

Many student athletes have dreams of becoming a professional athlete one day. On National Signing Day, many of these athletes took a step closer to these dreams by signing to colleges to play sports. Senior Brianna Hays was excited to be able to experience the importance of National Signing Day with her friends and family.

“My favorite part of Signing Day was getting the opportunity to celebrate with my friends and congratulating one another,” senior Brianna Hays said. “It was an amazing feeling having my family be there for me, and being proud of me.”

Senior Kallie Fenscke attended Signing Day, where she signed to Johnson Country Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, where she’s going to play volleyball. She is hoping to continue to perform well as an athlete and a student in college.

“Sitting with all the athletes celebrating all of our hard work was by far my favorite part of Signing Day,” Fenscke said. “In college, I hope to improve as both a player and a person, and I also hope to make it farther than they did last year in the national tournament.”

Isaac Armstead, former Broken Arrow student, and current division one college athlete attended Signing Day to speak to the newly signed athletes about what it takes to succeed on the next level. Executive Director of Athletics at Broken Arrow Steve Dunn was very grateful to have him speak to the students.  

“The best part of Signing Day was hearing from former Broken Arrow multi-sport athlete, Isaac Armstead,” Dunn said. “He absolutely spoke from his heart and passed along the wisdom he has attained as a stellar Division I student athlete. He spoke of patience, perseverance, and purpose. Our student athletes were so fortunate to get to hear his message.”

Broken Arrow had a total of 36 students sign with colleges on Signing Day and hope to have even more students sign next year.