Senior Jorell Smallwood Named Mr. BA

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Nineteen students from various organizations competed in the Mr. BA competition at Broken Arrow’s PAC on Sept. 23. The pageant consisted of 3 categories: talent, athletic attire, and formal questions. Competitors prepared for the event for weeks ahead of time. Senior Jorell Smallwood, who represented girls basketball, was named winner.

“I had tons of fun and made a few friends along the way, and that’s really what this whole experience is about,” junior representative for volleyball Cordell Roberson said.

The talents represented were original and diverse: from singing to Frisbee sandwiches to even fierce chair wrestling. The fashion compettitors instantly went from sporty to evening wear, each modeling their own individual style. Senior Ben Miner, representative for Pride, modeled an all-spandex sports ensemble.

“It was an amazing time being in there, I really enjoyed it,” senior Latin Club representative Jesse Falling said. “I am so glad I won crowd favorite, and it was just an entire blast to hang out with those guys along with being out there.”

Each category had a winner. The winner of the athletic challenge was senior representative of ultimate frisbie John Sawyer, the talent challenge winner was senior representative of the Tigettes Jeremiah Rankin, the winner of the evening wear category was senior representative of Young Democrats Carter Loud and the crowd favorite winner was senior representative of Latin Club Jesse Falling.. Once the category winners were named the name of the overall winner was announced. Senior Jorell Smallwood took home the crown.

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” said Smallwood, “You never know what you’ll get until you get a crown.”

Mr. BA is a competition held annually that benefits the choir program. Tickets to the event were $8.

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