Save your money and do not go see Holmes and Watson

When I first heard that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were reuniting to make a new movie, Holmes and Watson, I was so excited. The famous duo have made many hilarious movies in the past, and this one was assumed to be no exception.

The movie is categorized as a mystery/crime, but it was made into more of a comedy that’s not funny. David Fear, a film critic from Rolling Stone, even called it, “so painfully unfunny we’re not sure it can legally be called a comedy.”

One strange thing about the movie’s release is that there was not a showing for movie critics before the release. The critics had to go see the movie when it came out, so maybe the producers knew the movie would not be well received.

Etan Cohen wrote and directed the movie. He has directed many other comedies and other movies, including “Get Hard” and “Men in Black 3”.

The story begins with Will Ferrell’s character, Sherlock Holmes, as a child. The movie shows the audience how he was bullied and how he became a detective. The movie follows the detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, trying to solve a case to save the Queen of England from a bomb threat from Professor James Moriarty.

The movie received 10% on Rotten Tomatoes with 27% of the audience liking the movie. Many movie-goers were not impressed with the lack of comedy and boring storyline. Another thing many people were not happy with was the acting overall and the horrible accents. The characters were over the top and overdone.

It seemed like the writers were trying too hard to make the movie funny by inserting many bland jokes and comments that make you feel uncomfortable. Even though the movie takes place a long time ago, the movie references many to current items, like a selfie stick. But these jokes did not receive the reaction that was intended.

The movie was light-hearted, and it wasn’t the worst movie I have ever seen. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone unless they really love Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.  Just know that I warned you about the terrible punch lines and boring plot.