Samsung Galaxy Fold: Should it be Folded Away?

At the very end of the 2010s, the tech industry is trying their hand at some questionable ideas. At the beginning of September, Samsung released the Samsung Fold. The Fold looks like a nice little gimmick that will entertain or interest you for a few days, but the novelty will most definitely get old quickly. Now obviously, All I can say is, really Samsung? This is what you pour your money into? Folding tablets? That “folding phone” money could have gone into making better performance tablets, not some flimsy selling point. 

When closed, the Samsung Galaxy is about the size of a flip phone (look it up, youngsters), and 7 inches when open, about the size of a small tablet.

I have no idea why this phone was made, it obviously won’t sell, so why pour money into foldable phones? Apple’s iPhone 11 and their three camera gimmick might not sell that well, considering the release dates of new iPhones are becoming closer and closer, which makes buying the newest one more and more pointless, but at least they’re creating useful technology. 

The positive of this contraption is that the seed of foldable phones has been planted, though is that going forward to the next decade, cheaper versions can be created, more accessible to the public.

Alright, I said something positive, now back to the negatives I have with this thing.

For the time being, I would call this a gimmick. It’s too expensive not to be, considering you can still get a phone with a better performance for a cheaper price. When Samsung closes the price gap between the fold and the rest of the phones, I’ll be happy not calling it a gimmick, but right now you’re paying extra money just for a phone that folds. Sounds like a gimmick to me.

Overall, there is some good and bad to the fold, at least in my opinion. Is it “fascinating and revolutionary” like tech reviewers will rave online, sure. Is it practical as a  consumer product? Not yet. This is a product that will no doubt age badly like the original iPhone, but that’s because it’s the first of its kind.