Rowdy Frederick takes the field


Ashley Spencer

Rowdy Frederick brings laughter and height to the Tiger football team.

Junior Rowdy Frederick is known throughout the hallways for towering over other students at 6’5” and for his mullet, but there’s more to Frederick than his massive size.

“I just want to be different than everyone else,” said Frederick. “I mean, I already am because of my size, but it’s different when you have a mullet.”

Frederick is also a vital part to the 2014 varsity football team. He is the left guard, which is one of the most important positions for protecting the quarterback.

“Rowdy is always in a good mood, and he can always make you smile,” junior teammate Andy Smith said.

Frederick loves to play the game.

“I’m really looking forward to the Jenks game the most,” Frederick said.

Several people have inspired Frederick to perform on the field.

“Stephen Allen’s dad has had a major impact on me as a player, as well as Coach Alexander,” Frederick said.

Before football games Frederick tries to find peace and calm through reading bible verses. He enjoys this time to prepare himself for the up and coming game.     After high school Frederick plans to stay close to home for college.

“After college I’d really like to come back and coach,” Frederick said.

The next varsity football game is Oct. 10 versus Norman at the Broken Arrow High School Stadium. Student tickets are $5 and general public tickets are $7.