Pride heads to Indianapolis to compete for Grand Nationals Championship


After winning its 17th state championship in a row, the Broken Arrow Tiger Pride marching band will be headed once again to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete for another Grand Nationals band championship. For Pride member and senior Malik Althouse, this is going to be his last Grand Nationals championship before graduating high school.

“Grand Nationals is the biggest competition that any high school marching band can compete in,” Althouse said. “It is a competition that always brings lasting memories no matter the results.”

The Pride has had success in the past and is hoping to have another good performance this year. The key to this success has been hours of hard work and preparation.

“We have practiced as much as we can to clean the show and to prepare it for each of the performances in Indianapolis,” Althouse said. “Even while in Indianapolis we’ll practice to perfect our show.”

Josiah Jimison is also a senior in Pride this year, and he is ready to compete in the upcoming competition along with the rest of the Pride. 

“I am looking forward to being able to perform on the field and spend time with my friends and just have a really great time with great people,” said Jimison.

Senior Abigail Domeier is proud to be a part of the Pride at Broken Arrow because of the opportunities the school presents, and the commitment the school has to the students in Pride as well.

“Being part of a school that has the dedication and the resources for us to compete means the world to students in Pride,” Domeier said. “Many schools have just as much talent as the students here but don’t have the opportunities or resources we do.”

The Pride will be in Indianapolis on Nov. 7-10 and will perform on Nov. 9 and 10.