Perfect your look with the “perfect eyebrows”


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Achieve the perfect eyebrows with these simple tips and tricks.

Eyebrows have always been a big part of makeup. The trends and styles have changed a lot throughout the years and are continuing to change.

Everyone has a different face structure, so no two eyebrows are the same, even on the same face. However, I have a few trends, tools, and tips to keep your eyebrows looking good every day.

Eyebrows change up all the time and there is definitely many trends and styles to choose from. Some of the few are thick, skinny, arched, and bold, but you can definitely find many more styles. Check out this link to see all of the different eyebrow trends throughout the years:

Around the 20s and 30s the thin, arched eyebrows were really popular but soon were replaced by the thicker more natural brow. The thicker brow is still the most popular today.

The best tool for your eyebrows is a spoolie brush, it is used to brush out your eyebrows and to blend out product. It is an inexpensive tool you can find anywhere.

Some of my favorite brow products are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Even though they are a little more expensive, they have a really good formula and are perfect for both beginners and pros. To look at their Brow Pomades ($18), Brow Wiz ($21), Brow Powders ($23-$88) and more, go to this link:

Perfect eyebrows definitely don’t exist, however, following these simple tips will get you pretty close. Make sure to keep your eyebrows looking neat. For this, you can either pluck, wax, or thread them.

Plucking is the more traditional way to fix up your eyebrows, although it can be more time-consuming. Plucking your own eyebrows takes a lot of practice, you have to make sure you don’t over pluck. Leave the shape alone and just pluck under, over, and in the middle.

Waxing and threading are more modernized techniques and are a lot quicker than plucking. Waxing hurts a little less than threading, but they both range around $20, give or take some depending on the quality.

When it comes to applying products, make sure to fill in the sparse spots while still keeping the natural shape of your brows. Try to use a natural dark shade for the end of your brows and a natural, lighter, shade for the front. However, you have to make sure both of the shades match your brow color so it doesn’t overpower your natural eyebrows.

Blending is also very important when it comes to eyebrows, make sure there are no harsh lines. Apply concealer around your brows to brighten up the area and remove any redness. Lastly, to make them pop, add a little highlighter to your brow bone.

These simple trends, tools, and tips will keep your eyebrows looking amazing every day. To learn more about getting the “perfect” eyebrows, visit this site: