Over 1600 attend Aloha Bash

Andra Fauvell

What does it feel like to get tackled by bubbles, slide down a huge water slide and play volleyball in the mud? Over 1600 students experienced all of this at Aloha Bash on August 31.

Aloha Bash is a growing tradition at Broken Arrow High School. Senior Cameron Barton has firsthand experience in seeing how it has grown.

“I really enjoyed seeing it grow from last year to this year,” Barton said.

Students enjoyed all of the new activities, including: bubble soccer, last man standing and mud tug of war. Junior, Gentry Kincade was one of the many students that played bubble soccer and got muddy with her friends.

“It was super fun and muddy,” Kincade said. “I definitely got whiplash from the bubble but it was worth it.”

Aloha Bash was not an easy event to plan. The student council on campus spent three months carefully planning the event together.  Jason Jedamski, Director of Student Activities, believes the event was a major success.

“Students had fun; they made connections with the school and each other and made great memories,” Jedamski said.

The Aloha Bash is an event that will not soon be forgotten because of the memories made and the mess left behind.