New Year, New You


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New years is a time where people come up with different resolutions, what will yours be this year?

New Year’s Resolutions have always been a popular trend. People create these resolutions to help themselves improve on many things. Some popular New Year’s Resolutions include going to the gym, being a better person, and spending time with family.

Another popular resolution, which is also sophomore Sarah Bryson’s New Year’s Resolution, is eating healthier. She chose this to better her life and be in better shape.

“I am going to accomplish this by not going out to eat as much, stop eating highly processed foods, and stop eating sweets,” Bryson said.

Junior Hailey Livingston’s New Year’s Resolution is to work out a lot more. She plans on doing this by going to the gym more. Some ways to make this easier is to workout with other people and listen to music while working out.

“I want to work out more because I want to feel better in my own skin,” Livingston said.

Sophomore Madison Madison’s New Years Resolution is to take care of herself mentally and physically. She made this resolution because she wants to learn how to better take care of herself and learn to love herself. Her other resolution is to spend less time on her phone.

“I hope to achieve these by eating right, reading self help books, working out everyday, and finding things to do that don’t require me to be on my phone,” Madison said.

Junior Micah Reyes’s New Year’s Resolution is to care more about grades and school. A way to do this is to do the homework when it’s assigned. Another way he plans on achieving his New Year’s Resolution is to study for tests and pay better attention in class.

“My future is relying on what I do now,” Reyes said.

There are many other New Year’s Resolutions including being more organized in everyday life, drinking more water, and doing better in sports. Look here for more information on how to keep your goal for the New Year’s.